Why real food?

How Honey’s Real Dog Food helps produce a glossy coat, healthy skin, lean muscle tone, strong immune system, sweet smelling breath, healthy teeth and gums, increased energy, better digestion and... more.

Our service

We make your dog’s food to order and take a genuinely personal interest in his or her health and happiness... more.

Designed by vets

Our Chief Veterinary Surgeon designs and approves all our diets... more.

Ethically sourced ingredients

We only use seasonal, ethically sourced, local ingredients... more.

What will it cost?

It will cost you less to feed Honey’s than to buy the same ingredients... more.

Ethical statement

We strive to run our business in an environmental and ethical manner...more.

Our charity

We support Compassion in World Farming... more.

Our book

Move over Jamie Oliver, Nigela Lawson, Rick Stein et al. Our new raw feeding handbook for dogs is out now... more.

Canine professional?

If you are a vet, veterinary nurse, behaviourist, trainer, breeder, kennel owner or other canine professional (or if you run a canine charity or web site) we have a special deal for you. Please email: info@honeysrealdogfood.com

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This is Darling, after whom the company was originally named. The poor dog suffers endless ‘don’t point, Darling, it’s rude’ jokes all the time...

Our range consists of food, bones, chicken wings, biscuits and treats. We also offer a gift hamper service (say it with dog food).

Most of our customers start by ordering 28 days’ supply of food and – once they are confident that it is everything we promise – ask us to supply them on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about our range please email us by clicking here or telephone us on 0844 656 1566.

Find what you want quickly

Honey’s Real Dog Food is all made to order

Honey’s Real Dog Food comes in eight varieties and all our meat is British:

  • Free-range chicken
  • Free-range duck
  • Free-range pork
  • Free-range turkey
  • Prime free-range beef
  • Tender free-range lamb
  • Wild rabbit (seasonal)
  • Wild game (seasonal)

Each variety contains approximately two-thirds raw meat and ground bone and one-third grated raw vegetables. To learn more about our food please visit the Ingredients area of the website. We offer an organic range and a farm-assured range. Note, either way, all our meat is free-range or wild and comes from local, ethical farmers that we know and trust.

Honey’s Dog Food is all designed for working dogs. We offer two ranges. Our Out of Season Working Dog Food is designed for working dogs that are resting or in low-level training. Our Active Working Dog Food is designed for, well, active working dogs who are travelling a lot on business, doing long days at the office, running around like mad &c..


Honey’s pure, natural beef bones

Bones are important for two reasons. Firstly, they provide vital nutrients including calcium, complex (good) fats and vitamins. Secondly, the actual chewing of the bones is what keeps a dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Chewing and gnawing is also, believe it or not, excellent exercise and helps a dog to stay fit. We recommend giving your dog a fresh bone every day or every other day.

We offer a bag of five scrumptious ‘lollipop’ bones suitable for all dogs for £7.60.

All our bones are beef (from young animals) and are uncooked making them safe for dogs of all sizes to chew (it is cooked bones that can pose a health risk to some dogs).


Honey’s free-range chicken wings

Chicken wings are the perfect food parcel for dogs of any size or breed combining the optimum balance of meat and bone. Our wings come from free-range chickens. Naturally, we supply our wings raw (it is cooked bones that are so unsafe for dogs to eat). Roughly eight wings per kilogram.

5kg of mouth watering free-range chicken wings cost £15.50.


Honey’s Handmade Biscuits

We used to make these at home but Vicky got fed up so now a local baker produces them for us. We use only the finest ingredients (including wholewheat flour) and, as you would expect, we have no truck with preservatives, sugar, salt, colouring or other chemicals.

Note, our Natural biscuits are wheat-free. See the Ingredients page for details. Honey’s Handmade Biscuits are available in two flavours:

  • Cheese (100g)
  • £2.99
  • Natural (100g)
  • £2.99

    We have to charge postage (straight Royal Mail charge) and it is £2.80


    Honey’s 100% Dried Liver Treats

    Our dried liver treats are not only healthy but (if you have four paws) incredibly delicious. A sort of nectar of the dogs. Perfect for training.

  • Dried liver treats (50g)
  • £4.

    We have to charge postage (straight Royal Mail charge) and it is £2.80


    Honey’s Gift Hampers

    Don’t say it with flowers, say it with Honey’s Real Dog Food. Our gift hampers are the perfect gift and – if you are new to Honey’s – the ideal way to sample our complete range.

    Prices start at £45 including delivery and you can choose whatever items from our range you require. Naturally, we will be happy to include a card with a personalised message.


    Why Honey’s gets tails wagging

    We make your dog’s food to order. This means we can adjust the ingredients and quantities to suit his or her needs.
    We use ethically sourced ingredients. Our ingredients (free-range meat, wild meat, organic meat, vegetables and so forth) are sourced as locally as possible (never from abroad) and are as good as you would find in a swanky restaurant.

    We deal direct with our customers. We pass on the saving, which is why you can feed a dog on Honey’s for less than it would cost to buy the same quality of ingredients in your local supermarket.

    We give dogs what they thrive on. Raw food. It’s what they ate until the dog food industry persuaded owners to buy processed, cooked and/or dried food.

    Honey’s Real Dog Food contains no preservatives, additives or chemicals. It is not treated in any way. It is the food nature really intended for your dog.

    The Natural Feeding Handbook

    Out now! A new, fascinating, comprehensive, easy to read (and sometimes amusing) guide to raw feeding... more.

    Experienced raw feeder? Want to DIY?

    We can supply ethically sourced raw ingredients including carcasses, tripe, heart and more. Please contact us for details.

    NEW Half-price hamper

    Please ask about our new customer half-price hamper offer. Try Honey's for just £30 including delivery.

    Honey's Facebook

    Honey’s now has its own Facebook page, where you can get updates, the latest news and interact with the team. Please like us.

    Contact information

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    Tel: 01672 620 260
    Email: info@honeysrealdogfood.com

    Part of The Darling Experiment Ltd

    New puppies?

    Pregnant mums, new mums and puppies (once they are old enough) all love Honey’s. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

    Private diet consultation

    Worried about your dog’s health? Our vets and nutritionists are happy to help... more.

    Gift hampers

    Don’t say it with flowers, say it with Honey’s Real Dog Food. Our gift hampers are also the perfect way to sample the complete range... more.

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