Trial offer 1: Half price hamper just £30 including delivery

Trial offer 2:
One week of free food



New to Honey’s? Take advantage of our generous trial offers

Here you are on the ‘order now’ page and being super-intelligent you’ll have noticed immediately that we don’t go in for any of that online ordering malarkey. Why not? We actually prefer to speak to our customers.

If you are interested in a quotation, health advice or placing an order please call or email.

And if you are a new customer don’t forget to tell us so we can help you choose the best value trial offer.

(If you are interested in an online quotation our quick quote form is just below)

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If you would like a personal quote for Honey’s Real Dog Food please use this short form. There is space for questions, comments and health related information. Please indicate if you would like us to consult our Chief Veterinary Surgeon on your behalf.


If you are inquiring about Honey’s for Cats or a really large order just skip the whole form thing and call us on 01672 620 260. It’ll be faster.


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Thank you very much for your interest. We’ll be back to you as quickly as we can.

Your information is safe with Honey’s. What happens to it? We treat it as if it is a sacred trust. We keep it secure on our computer systems and, naturally, will never ever share it with any other commercial organisation. Also, just say the word and we will destroy all your records and never bother you again.

Trial offers…

If you’d like to try out raw feeding and/or experience the Honey’s food and service for yourself (well, for your dog, actually) then we have three trial offer options you can choose from:

Option 1: a week of free food

Our minimum order is 28 days of food BUT as a new customer we’ll give you the first week free the first time you try us out.

In plain-English… a 25% discount! We’ll include personalised feeding instructions, a free copy of Jonathan Self ’s comprehensive guide to canine nutrition: Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook (worth £7.50).

Oh, and some Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats, a snazzy Beautiful Joe’s tin and other goodies. This offer applies to any number of dogs.

Option 2: less than half-price hamper

We take £71 worth of food and goodies but only charge you £30!

Your hamper will contain nine kilograms of Honey’s working dog complete food: chicken (3kg), beef (2kg), lamb (1kg), pork (1kg) and duck (2kg); two meaty marrow bones; and a bag of chicken wings. PLUS personalised feeding instructions and a copy of Jonathan’s comprehensive guide to canine nutrition: Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook.

And some Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats, a snazzy Beautiful Joe’s tin.

Option 3: less than half-price weight loss hamper

Yes, you are receiving £71 worth of food and goodies for just £30 but the real advantage of the (deep breath) Honey’s Half Price Weight Loss Hamper is that before we put it together (each and every hamper is designed for the dog it is going to be feeding) we work out a detailed diet plan for you.

So free diet plan, lots of free advice and £71 of food and goodies.

Oh, and some Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats, a snazzy Beautiful Joe’s tin and… nope that is it.

All our offers include free overnight delivery to mainland UK. Any of the offers may be withdrawn at any time (although we have had them since 2009!). Only one offer per customer.

Why we always quote first

Why don’t we show prices on our website? Unlike other dog food companies we make our food to order, supply complete feeding instructions and monitor each of our canine customer’s progress on an ongoing basis. We can’t really recommend how much (or what sort of) food should be fed if we don’t know a dog’s age, weight, exercise routine, health, circumstances, likes and dislikes, allergies and so forth. Hence the need to quote first.

We will automatically give you the pack price

We will automatically give you our per pack price when we quote. We know that some experienced raw feeders prefer to buy this way. If you just want to buy by the pack then we recommend telephoning us.

Full money back guarantee

We are proud to say that almost all our customers come to us by word of mouth. In order to ensure that we maintain our reputation for quality, service and integrity we guarantee that your food will arrive in first class condition on the promised date. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our food simply follow the instructions in the delivery box and we will refund the cost in full and without argument.

Never knowingly undersold

Given the quality of the ingredients and the personal nature of our service you may be surprised by how little our food costs. We are never knowingly undersold and if you can buy the same quality of ingredients for less, we will refund the difference. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee.