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Honey’s Beloved Customers’ Online Shop

Free Range Working Dog Food

250g Beef Free Range with vegetables£1.28
250g Chicken Free Range with vegetables£0.01
250g Duck Free Range with vegetables£1.21
250g Lamb Free Range with vegetables£1.35
250g Pork Free Range with vegetables£1.33
250g Turkey Free Range with vegetables£1.21
500g Beef Free Range with vegetables£2.55
500g Chicken Free Range with vegetables£2.15
500g Duck Free Range with vegetables£2.40
500g Lamb Free Range with vegetables£2.70
500g Pork Free Range with vegetables£2.65
500g Turkey Free Range with vegetables£2.40
Veg-Free 250g Beef Free Range£1.54
Veg-Free 250g Chicken Free Range£1.77
Veg-Free 250g Duck Free Range£1.77
Veg-Free 250g Lamb Free Range£1.54
Veg-Free 250g Pork Free Range£1.77
Veg-Free 250g Turkey Free Range£1.77
Veg-Free 500g Beef Free Range£3.08
Veg-Free 500g Chicken Free Range£3.53
Veg-Free 500g Duck Free Range£3.53
Veg-Free 500g Lamb Free Range£3.08
Veg-Free 500g Pork Free Range£3.53
Veg-Free 500g Turkey Free Range£3.53

Wild Working Dog Food

250g Wild Game with vegetables£2.00
250g Wild Pheasant with vegetables£1.88
250g Wild Pigeon with vegetables£2.50
250g Wild Venison with vegetables£2.05
500g Wild Game with vegetables£4.00
500g Wild Pheasant with vegetables£3.75
500g Wild Pigeon with vegetables£5.00
500g Wild Venison with vegetables£4.00
Veg-Free 250g Wild Game£2.27
Veg-Free 250g Wild Pigeon£3.50
Veg-Free 250g Wild Venison£2.42
Veg-Free 500g Wild Game£4.50
Veg-Free 500g Wild Pigeon£7.00
Veg-Free 500g Wild Venison£4.80

Free Range Active Working Dog Food

ACTIVE Beef Free Range with vegetables£2.55
ACTIVE Chicken Free Range with vegetables£2.15
ACTIVE Duck Free Range with vegetables£2.40

Lean Dog Food

LEAN 500g Duck Free Range£2.37
LEAN 500g Lamb Free Range£2.67
LEAN 500g Pork Free Range£2.62
LEAN 500g Turkey Free Range£2.37
Washed Tripe & Beef Heart Complementary£2.50

Certified Organic Dog Food

ORGANIC 250g Chicken Veg-free£2.31
ORGANIC 500g Beef£4.00
ORGANIC 500g Chicken£3.54
ORGANIC 500g Pork£3.96
ORGANIC 500g Turkey£3.54

Meat, Carcasses and Offal

Beef Heart - per kg DIY Free Range£3.50
Chicken Carcass 1kg DIY - Free Range£3.50
Chicken Necks DIY 10 Free Range£5.00
Duck Carcass 1kg DIY Free Range£4.00
Duck Necks DIY 10 Free Range£7.50
Lamb Heart - per kg DIY Free Range£4.90
Lamb Ribs - 1kg DIY Free Range£5.00
Pork Trotters DIY 2 Free Range£4.00
Tripe per kg - DIY Free Range & Washed£4.75

Special DIY Boxes

Chicken Carcass (14kg) DIY Free Range£45.00
Duck Carcass (14kg) DIY Free Range£52.00
Lamb Ribs (9kg) DIY Free Range£40.00

Free Range Bones and Wings

Bones - LRG Lollipop - bag of 5 - DIY Free Range£7.60
Bones - Single Knuckle End - DIY free range£2.00
Bones-MED Lollipop-bag of 5 - DIY Free Range£7.60
Bones-SML Lollipop-bag of 8 - DIY Free Range£7.60
Chicken Wings (5kg bag) DIY Free Range£15.50
Chicken Wings - 3 joint (1kg bag) DIY Free Range£3.60
Duck Wings (1kg bag) DIY Free Range£4.25

Treats, Biscuits & Broth

Beautiful Joe's 5 packets + Tin offer£15.83
Beautiful Joe's 50g£3.33
Beautiful Joe's Gift Pack£5.00
Beautiful Joe's Tin£2.08
Biscuits - Cheese Heart shaped£2.49
Biscuits - Natural (Wheat Free) Bone shape£2.49
BONE Broth 200ml - Organic Beef£4.95
BONE Broth 500ml - Organic Beef£9.95

Other Good Stuff

Dog Towel Paw Towel£5.00
Dog Towel Poncho (Large)£17.50
Dog Towel Poncho (Medium)£15.00
Dog Towel Poncho (Small)£12.50
Dog Towel Poncho (X Large)£21.25
Dog Towel Poncho (XX Large)£25.00
Good Money - Book£9.99
Honey's Guide to Raw Feeding Book£7.50
Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan Book£7.50