The Honey Video Library

The fact is, we have invested in a video camera and – perhaps wrongly – we haven’t been afraid to use it. Below are our first attempts to make some videos about subjects close to our heart: raw dog food, canine nutrition, canine health and – ahem – even dog poo. Please let us know if there are other subjects you think we should cover.

The perfect seven-day raw feeding plan for dogs

Why raw food will make your dog healthier (and happier)

Choosing the right bone for your dog

Canine digestion made simple

Not fit for a dog! Unhealthy dog food and how to avoid it

Kiss goodbye (sorry, sorry) to anal gland problems


The unpalatable truth about manufactured dog food

Dog poo – keeping it normal (and healthy)

How a raw food diet supplies all the nutrition your dog needs

Dog lovers unite! Farm animals need our help!

The Switcheroo. How to easily move your dog to a raw food diet.

The Lucky Dog Diet. An Introduction.

Dogs who resist the switch. How to move your tricky pooch to a raw food diet.

Fat. Why dogs need it in their diet.

All about Honey’s Real Dog Food