Free, expert advice

We are happy to help, even if you never plan to become a customer

Free, expert advice

We are happy to help, even if you never plan to become a customer

Free, expert advice

We are happy to help, even if you never plan to become a customer

One of the things that makes Honey’s different (and, at the risk of sounding big headed) better, is that we offer a completely free advisory service. In summary:

  • We can help with all aspects of canine nutrition and health.
  • Our friendly team includes vets, vet nurses and nutritionists.
  • We don’t mind if you never plan to become a customer.
  • You’ll be under no obligation. We are happy to help.
  • The service is free and unlimited.
  • We will provide free back-up documents including fact sheets, diet plans and books.
  • You won’t be rushed. We love what we do!


We are especially well known for our Personalised Diet Plans. We recommend chatting in person (it’s the best way for us to really learn about your dog) but if you prefer our virtual service complete the questions here and tick the box explaining you don’t want to order now.


The different ways we can help

Here are just some of the different ways in which our advisory service may be able to help:

If you want to learn more about raw feeding…

We can explain how it works and what the benefits are. If you have questions about, for example, the science behind it, we can talk you through that, as well.

If you have a dog with health issues…

Our experts, including vets and vet nurses, specialise in canine health. Several have a keen interest in complementary and alternative veterinary medicine, too. We will be pleased to discuss your dog’s health issues and to make dietary and other suggestions.

If you have a senior dog, a puppy, a pregnant mum…

We are experienced in offering feeding and general health advice for senior dogs, puppies, pregnant mums… in fact, dogs at any lifestage.

If you want to make your own dog food…

We can supply advice on what ingredients to buy and can help you put together a detailed feeding plan for your four-legged family member(s).

If you know a dog who needs to lose a few pounds…

Dropping down a couple of collar sizes is easy and enjoyable with the help of our special weight loss plan. We will be happy to tailor a plan for your dog and to monitor progress.

Honey’s was founded in 2009 and we are one of the longest-established raw dog food producers in the world. Although we are only a small, artisan business we have invested heavily in research and education and we are only too happy to share our knowledge and experience.