We can now prepare any canine diet – raw or cooked – to order.

Honey’s is, to the best of our knowledge, the only producer in the UK with the expertise, capability and facilities to make dog food completely to order.

We call the service: Honey’s Bespoke and it is like having your own private canine chef.

We can prepare complete diets following formulas that have been supplied to us.

Alternatively, our own team, which includes veterinary nutritionists, can undertake the formulation.

Either way, we will hand make the food (whether raw or cooked) in our dedicated kitchens using certified organic and wild ingredients (all fresh, British, and suitable for human consumption).

Supplements can be added or provided as required.

All food is supplied in the required portions and with full feeding instructions.

What makes Honey’s Bespoke, bespoke…

  • All food made to order
  • Only the finest, freshest ingredients used
  • Individual recipes formulated by our own vet and nutritionist
  • Food can be prepared raw or cooked
  • Personal diet and care plans created by our in-house professionals
  • Food delivered portioned and ready to serve
  • Dedicated team – available out of hours

Honey’s Bespoke: a return to our roots

The launch of Honey’s Bespoke is, essentially, a return to our roots. In 2007, Jonathan (Honey’s founder) began to supply a handful of friends and neighbours with the same raw food he was making for his own dogs. Everything was prepared to order. So, if Gus didn’t like greens, Riley wanted rabbit or Coco needed her food gently cooked, it was easy to arrange. Some of the ingredients came from Jonathan’s organic smallholding, others from local organic farms and gamekeepers. He visited potential customers in their homes in order to explain the principles of raw feeding and to meet and weigh their dogs. Where necessary, and with the assistance of a vet, special diets were created. The food itself was divided into daily portions, so that all customers had to do was defrost the night before and then serve. Jonathan was always at the end of a phone with advice.

Honey’s Bespoke has all these features and more. For dogs with health issues, we have prevailed upon Dr Charlotte Gray (in our opinion the most knowledgeable canine nutritionist in the country) to provide specific advice and diet plans. Our Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Amy Watson, is also available for consultations. Another advantage of the Bespoke service is that we will be able to offer formulas using hard-to-find ingredients – such as rabbit and pigeon. We can cook the food, too, if needed. In a nutshell, using Honey’s Bespoke is like having your own private canine chef…

Why some dogs need special recipes

No matter how many recipe options we offer at Honey’s (at the moment, over twenty) there are dogs who require something unique. This could be for health reasons or because they have very specific likes and dislikes. We are aware of around a dozen health issues, too, where dogs should be fed cooked food.

Planning: our tailor-made approach

The Honey’s Bespoke service begins with a detailed assessment of your dog’s requirements. This can be done remotely (by telephone or zoom) or, with sufficient notice, in person (during a house call). We’ll gather information about everything from your dog’s health to their personality, and from their lifestyle to their likes and dislikes.

If necessary, we will then involve our consultant nutritionist, Dr Charlotte Gray MA hons VetMB MRCVS and/or her colleague, our chief veterinary surgeon, Dr Amy Watson MA VetMB MRCVS CCRT CVA(IVAS) ACVCHM(IVAS), who have had a close working relationship since they studied together at Cambridge University. We may also take advice from one of our consultant behaviourists, located throughout the country.

The result will be a personalised report on your dog’s health, nutrition and care. It will include a detailed dietary plan together with a range of proposed recipes and an estimate of the monthly cost. The report will also cover any other concerns you may have raised during the assessment.

Providing you are happy with our plan and estimate we will proceed to make up your initial order.

Preparation: everything is made to order

The joy of Honey’s Bespoke is that everything is prepared to order. This means complete flexibility. You can choose from the widest possible range of ingredients, and opt for raw (generally recommended) or cooked food.

Your dedicated canine chef will make everything by hand and divide the food into whatever portion size you wish (depending on how many times a day you feed your dog).

The food will come in trays with lids (both easily recyclable), fully labelled with your dog’s name and other information.

We freeze all the food down before sending it, and deliver to your door in highly insulated Woolcool boxes.

Your second order will come with all sorts of goodies including a welcome pack for your dog containing personalised bowls and other items.

Ongoing support: not just bespoke food, bespoke service

As a Honey’s Bespoke client you will be looked after by a member of our Bespoke Client Care Team, which includes veterinary nurses and nutritionists with many years of experience. The team is available by telephone or email from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We monitor our calls and emails out-of-hours, too, in case you need us. Our primary role is, of course, to provide you with food and nutritional advice but we will do our best to answer any other canine-related inquiry.

Our ingredients policy

The vast majority of Honey’s Bespoke recipes call for certified organic meat, wild meat and certified organic vegetables. In theory, we can offer any meat that you request but if it is out of the ordinary it may take us a little longer to source, analyse and test.

For more information please contact the Honey’s Bespoke team direct on 01672 620 560 or by email: bespoke@honeysrealdogfood.com