Honey’s hand-made biscuits

Not only super delicious, but also super healthy!

We guarantee that our biscuits will set your best friend’s tail a-wagging.

We make them, by hand, using the finest ingredients (such as rye flour, coconut oil, and organic milk) and we flavour them with cheese (for the cheese ones)..

Crucially, unlike almost all the dog biscuits on the market, they don’t contain any nasties such as preservatives, filler or colouring.

In short, they are as healthy as they are delicious.



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Made by hand using only the best, natural ingredients.

Free from preservatives, sugar, salt, colouring or other chemicals.


Cheese Biscuits (complementary dog food). Composition: Light rye flour, reduced fat cheddar cheese, organic milk, coconut oil, egg. Analytical constituents. Moisture: 6.5%; Protein: 11.5%; Crude Oil: 8.49%; Crude Ash: 2.1%; Crude Fibre: 1.2%
Natural (no wheat) Biscuits (complementary dog food). Composition: Light Rye Flour, oats, organic milk, egg, coconut oil. Analytical constituents. Moisture: 7.3%; Protein: 11.7%; Crude Oil: 13.87%; Crude Ash: 1.4%; Crude Fibre: 1.5%