Honey’s Lean Dog Food: Pasture Fed Lamb

A perfect combination of low fat and very high-quality protein

If we had to choose a single word to describe our Lean Lamb recipe it would be ‘yummy’.

However, it also offers some other important health benefits, being:

  • low fat,
  • a source of extremely high-quality protein, and
  • packed with vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and vitamin B12.

Regular consumption of lamb, by the way, may also promote muscle growth, maintenance, and performance. It can help to prevent anaemia, too.

Our recipe is prepared by hand from lamb that has been raised in the traditional way by English, Scottish and Welsh hill farmers. That is to say, outdoors on the sort of lovely, grassy hillsides that have luscious pasture, bubbling brooks, stone walls and plenty of shelter when the weather turns inclement.

Lean Lamb


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In order to ensure that the recipes are consistently lean we use exactly the same selected cuts of meat. That means cuts without fat and without skin and no ‘rich’ meat. We make all our recipes by hand and in small batches.

Our Lean Pasture Fed Lamb formula with vegetables contains approximately two-thirds raw, free range lamb (including bone and heart) and one-third fresh, seasonal vegetables. The vegetables are grown locally for Honey’s.

Our food is made using the freshest possible ingredients that would, if they weren’t becoming dog food, be completely suitable for human consumption. This is really important not just for ethical reasons, but also because high quality ingredients contain much higher nutritional values.

Our meat is all certified organic, wild or (for this recipe) free range.

All our ingredients come from British farms and are, therefore, seasonal.

Our food meets all the most vigorous nutritional guidelines as set out by the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF), the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). We achieve this without adding any supplements.


Lean Pasture Fed Lamb (complete pet food for dogs). Composition: Minced pasture fed lamb including finely minced bone and lamb heart (67%). Minced carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, parsnip and other seasonal vegetables (33%). Analytical constituents. Moisture: 72.2%; Protein: 12.3%; Crude Fat: 9.3%; Crude Ash: 5.0%; Crude Fibre: 1%