Honey’s Certified Organic Food: Pork

Succulent and nutritious, from organic pigs that have been raised in small, outdoor herds

The pork for this recipe comes from the very well-known and respected organic farmers: Helen and Tim Browning (Helen is CEO of the Soil Association).

The Browning’s farm covers 1400 acres on the North Wiltshire border. The pigs are Saddleback and live in one of twenty enormous fields, each of which is home to a ‘family’ of between 30 and 50 members. Pigs love to root, which involves digging in the soil with their snouts. The pigs live outdoors but can retreat into huts containing straw beds, which (as pigs do not seem to be very good at housework) are cleaned and changed frequently. Although they get a good deal of nourishment from their foraging, they are also fed organic pig nuts, which are (it being an organic farm) GM free.

The organic vegetables in the recipe come from Choice Organics. They source from British, (generally) local, organic farmers.

Our Organic Pork recipe is both delicious and nutritious.

Organic Pork


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We make all our recipes by hand and in small batches using different cuts of meat each time. This helps to ensure greater variety. As a result, each batch may vary in terms of colour and consistency.

Our Working Dog Food Organic Pork formula with vegetables contains approximately two-thirds raw, organic pork (including bone and heart) and one-third fresh, seasonal vegetables.

Our food is made using the freshest possible ingredients that would, if they weren’t becoming dog food, be completely suitable for human consumption. This is really important not just for ethical reasons, but also because high quality ingredients contain much higher nutritional values.

Our meat is all certified wild, free range or (for this recipe) certified organic.

All our ingredients come from British farms and are, therefore, seasonal.

Our food meets all the most vigorous nutritional guidelines as set out by the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF), the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). We achieve this without adding any supplements.

About OF&G

OF&G is one of the UK’s leading organic certifiers, working with producers and processors to ensure their products meet the highest organic standards. First launched in 1973 as a marketing cooperative for organic produce, in 1992 it became the first body to be approved by the government to carry out inspections and certify organic farmers and food producers. OF&G now certify over 1200 farmers, who farm more than half of the UK’s organic land, as well as companies ranging from small, independent processors to major multinationals. www.ofgorganic.org


Organic Pork (complete pet food for dogs). Composition: Minced organic pork including finely minced bone and pork heart (67%). Minced carrot, cabbage and parsnip or kohl rabi (33%). Analytical constituents. Moisture: 73.9%; Protein: 12.2%; Crude Fat: 9.8%; Crude Ash: 1.9%; Crude Fibre: 1.9%