Pasture Fed Beef Lollipop (Marrow) Bones

If you want to make yourself even more popular with your four-legged family member(s) then offer them one of our scrumptious Lollipop Marrow Bones! No words can properly describe the glee with which dogs greet their arrival. And you will have the added satisfaction that each bone is doing your dog a power of good, because they:

  • Will help to keep your dog’s teeth clean.
  • Are a wonderful source of minerals and other nutrients.
  • Prevent unwanted chewing habits.
  • Provide entertainment.
  • Provide exercise.
  • Cure boredom!


You will find lots of advice elsewhere on our website about feeding bones and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Note, our Lollipop Marrow Bones come from British, pasture-fed cattle that have enjoyed healthy, outdoor lives. We offer different sizes and quantities, according to your requirements.

Beef Lollipop Bones


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