Pasture Fed Beef Offcuts

Our butcher can provide you with a wide selection of pasture fed beef offcuts – perfect for treats or as an ingredient when making your own DIY food.

By the way, the first thing we ask about when visiting the Scottish, Welsh and English farmers from which we buy our beef is their soil. Why? Because good, healthy soil produces rich, luscious grass. And rich, luscious grass, by turn, produces juicier, more flavoursome, more nutritious beef.

All our beef is not only pasture (aka grass) fed but also free range. The cattle largely live out of doors (subject to weather conditions) in verdant fields with readily available shelter and water.

You will find lots of advice elsewhere on our website about feeding bones and making your own food. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All our ingredients are suitable for human consumption.

Pasture Fed Beef Offcuts


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