Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Treats

Sold in aid of dogs in need – over £400,000 of treats donated to date

Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Treats are hand-made at Honey’s HQ from fresh, British (you can tell this because they always stand up when the National Anthem is played), free range ingredients.

It is no exaggeration to say that dogs go crazy for them.

What’s more, they are sold in aid of dogs in need – for every packet sold we donate the same volume of treats to a rescue centre. To date we have donated over £400,000 of treats (see below).

If you want to make your dog extremely – and we mean extremely – happy, and at the same time do something for a dog living in a rescue home, please choose Beautiful Joe’s.

Our cute yellow tins are the perfect training aid. Place a few treats inside, shake and see what happens!



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Nothing is added – all we do is slowly dry the beef to lock in all the flavour.

For each 50g packet of our treats you buy, we give 50g of treats to a rescue centre.

Most rescue homes can’t afford to buy any treats for the dogs they look after, let alone natural, air-dried treats made with pasture fed beef. So, the treats we donate are always very welcome.

Some homes use them for training, others just as treats. All the homes we donate to, by the way, are nominated by our customers.

Many rescue centres are also now selling Beautiful Joe’s, which is a double win as they not only raise extra cash but can also claim the free ‘give away’ treats for themselves!

So far we have donated treats to over £400,000 treats to more than 250 different rescue centres.


Dried Beef Treats (complementary dog food). Composition: 100% dried pasture-fed beef liver. Analytical constituents. Moisture: 20.7%; Protein: 56.9%; Total Fat: 5.8%; Ash: 3.8%; Crude Fibre: 0.1%