The Lucky Dog Diet is approved and supported by these leading vets

The Lucky Dog Diet is approved and supported by these leading vets
July 29, 2015 Andrew Kendall

The Lucky Dog Diet is approved and supported by these leading vets

After I had finished writing the Lucky Dog Diet I sent the manuscript to a number of vets whose opinion I especially valued. Their comments (and contact details) are to be found below. You can rest assured that the Lucky Dog Diet is approved and supported by leading members of the veterinary profession. Incidentally, if you are ever looking for a good vet please do contact my office as we keep details of vets with natural feeding experience.

What vets say about the Lucky Dog Diet

“I have been a vet for 27 years and this is one of the most important books about canine health I have ever read. It isn’t just about how to get your dog to lose weight, it’s about how to make your dog as well as it can be.”

Geoff Johnson

“A very useful little book. If you have been struggling with getting your dog to lose weight this book will help you see a different path. A path that consistently creates happier, healthy dogs.”

Chris Aukland

“At last, a well written book, which addresses the growing problem of obesity in dogs. Clearly explaining the underlying causes of canine obesity and offering a simple and practical solution, every owner will gain new insights into the impact of diet on every aspect of their dog’s life.”

Janet Nutall

“It doesn’t take long to realise the reason feeding as nature intended works is it’s what nature intended in the first place. Vicky’s book is a great introduction for the beginner and will help you get started on a path you and your dog will never regret.”

Mark Elliot

“At last, a common-sense, logical look at the increasing problem of obesity in our dogs. Vicky has written a great guide to natural feeding and weight loss in dogs that is easy to understand and to follow.”

“Drawing on her enormous experience in this field she explains this approach to diet with humour but also with hard fact. I have encouraged hundreds of dog owners to change their dog’s diet to a more natural one, and watched the astounding results of doing so. Not just weight loss, but also a huge return to health on every level. I shall be encouraging all my clients to read this book.”

Jane Keogh

“What I love about this book is that it tells it as it is. You find out when, if and how to diet your dog in a natural way. I have dieted many dogs using this method, and they truly do lose weight in a healthy way – but there is also so much more information within this book about how to keep your dog happy and healthy, not just slim and trim. My most impressive case following this diet was a labrador that went from 50kg to 32kg in a comfortable six months, having had limited success on commercial food (including commercial diet food). Well done Vicky for getting this out there to the public.”

Tom Farrington

“Obesity is the number one health issue affecting dogs in the UK. This superb little book is packed with simple, practical and effective advice to help you get the pounds off your pooches, and ensure they stay off.”

Neil Coode

“I wholeheartedly endorse the diet element of this book (although I have some issues with recommending homeopathic remedies).”

Jill Matthews

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Contact information for vets who recommend The Lucky Dog Diet

Mr Geoff Johnson


Wiveliscombe Homeopathic and Homeopathic Vet Surgery, 12 North Street, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, TA4 2JY

T: 01984 624999

E: somersetvet@yahoo.com

W: www.vethomeopath.co.uk


Mr Chris Aukland


Forest Lodge Veterinary Centre, Station Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DW

T: 01342 824452

E: chris.aukland@medivet.co.uk

W: www.medivet.co.uk/forestrow


Mark Elliott


Mark Elliott and Associates, Madam Green Business Centre, High Street, Oving, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 2DD

T: 01243 779111

E: ovingvets@gmail.com

W: www.markelliott.co.uk


Jane Keogh

Southfield Veterinary Centre, 1 South Walks, Dorchester,

Dorset, DT1 1DU

T: 01305 262913

E: info@southfieldvet.co.uk / j.keogh5@btinternet.com


Janet Nuttal


Heathfield Vets, Chimneys, Hailsham Road, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 8AD

T: 01435 864422

E: janet.nuttall@heathfieldvets.co.uk

W: heathfieldvets.co.uk


Tom Farrington


‘Allswell’, Barley Hill East, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork,


T: +353 (0)23 8848811

E: farrington.vet@gmail.com


Neil Coode


Brookmead Vet Surgery, Horsham Road, Cranleigh,

Surrey, GU6 8DL

T: 01483 274242

E: info@brookmead-vets.co.uk

W: www.brookmead-vets.co.uk


Jill Matthews


Thanet Animal Hospital, College Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 5TP

T: 01843 226678

E: enquiries@thanetvets.com

W: www.thanetvets.co.uk